[SG STOCK] 🎁 360 Baby Carrier Factory Outlet Baby Waist Stool Horizontal Front Hugging Multifunctional Four Seasons Universal Holding Baby Products 🍀



🍑 Classic design: 6.5cm wide shoulder strap helps to distract the mother’s pressure,
and the extremely soft and breathable filling material reduces shoulder injuries.
In addition, the waist stool keeps baby comfortable and reduce the shoulder burden.

🍑 Safe design: Don’t worry about your baby shaking and falling when you move.
Soft edges prevent your baby from abrasion. In addition, the wide and soft cushion provides a comfortable sitting position for the baby, encourages good blood circulation, preventing the leg from being squeezed and hip deformation .

🍑 Versatile: Multi-modes can be switched freely, including front chest holding,
back holding type, multi-purpose belt waist stool mode is easy to replace to meet the needs.

🍑 Easy to wear: simple to design and easy to wear, just three steps.
🍑 Safe and secure material is breathable and skin-friendly without any smell.


[SG STOCK] 🍀 High landscape baby stroller can sit reclining two-way four-wheel shock-absorbing folding small newborn baby BB winter and summer dual-use 🍀



★ The structure is an important part of the stroller. Three dimentional shock absorbtion can effectively cushion external impact
★ The size of the sleep blue determines the baby comfort, the big sleeping basket will be more spacious
★ Sleeping Basket is breathable and cool
★ Multiple shock absorbers
★ Protect the baby’s fragile head.
★ Convertible car basket where the baby can face the mother to increase security.
★ 3D shock absorption structure more humanized shock absorption design
★ Able to more effectively buffer the external impact, and avoid hurting the baby.
★ Baby Stroller 3 in 1 with Car Seat High Landscape Pram Folding Baby Carriage Car Seat Strollers Hot Mom Baby Stroller Carrier Shock Absorption Four-wheel Trolley